Christmas in the 80’s

Home Sweet Home

I was a kid/teenager through the 80’s.  Family was important.  Every holiday my parents, siblings and I would pack up in the freezing cold car (often times a 72 Ford with no heat) and after driving the streets of Philadelphia to look at Christmas lights, we would head on over to the Grams and Gramps.

Christmas Day was my Mom’s parents.

Christmas Day Night was my Dad’s parents.

My sis, bro and I made out well at each one.

Now, at my Gram Folo’s… we got things we needed.  Like… socks.  Individually wrapped pairs of socks.  I was utterly cool with this because my Gram ‘Folo (mom’s mom) was my favorite grandmother.  She gave me so much stuff all year-long.   Excited was an understatement just to see her on Christmas Day and stuff myself with mountains of homemade peanut butter cookies, meatballs and pasketti.. you get the gist.  There was family packing the place with loud Italian voices and beer. Lots of beer.

We left there (socks in tow) and headed to my other Gram’s.  My dad’s mom.  Gram Steelman.

That is where my sister and I (and my little bro – – much later) made out like bandits!

We received gifts like – – –

Sony Walkman’s

Barbie Dream House



Brook Shields Barbie Doll (yes!!)

Def Leppard – Pyromania

Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon

My sister and I also got to eat even more food.  We got to eat ham, German potato salad, sauerkraut and beans.  At my Gram Steelman’s .. my Grampop Steelman would set up this giant elaborate train set all through the living room and we would watch the trains go ’round and ’round for hours while Christmas Music played over the speakers in the parlor.

Really great memories that my family and I (all my grandparents have passed away) will talk about this Christmas and Christmas’s to come.

What are some wonderful Holiday Memories you have as a child?


2 responses to “Christmas in the 80’s

  1. I had someone ask me this yesterday. First thing that came to mind was Christmas Day, 1971. Was at my Grandparents’ house for dinner and that same day there was a pro football playoff game between Miami and Kansas City. It turned out to be longest game in NFL history…two overtime periods. Our dinner ended long before the game did…but the whole family was glued to the TV until the game finally ended. We all got to spend more time together as a result. No one wanted to leave and it was a great time.

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