Hair Bands – What is the Definition

Remember Hair Bands?

Bands like:

  • Slaughter
  • Poison
  • Great White
  • Warrant
  • Y&T
  • Britny Fox
  • Bullet Boys

Now, I found a website that lists the Top 100 Hair Bands and I have to disagree with a lot of them.  The author of the site said, “Frankly, we had a hard enough time coming up with a hundred bands worthy of our list…much less put them in any kind of order that doesn’t tick anybody off.”  So I really feel like whoever wrote this up really wanted to list 100 hair bands and didn’t care that they listed anyone that clearly was not hair metal.  AC/DC? Really?

This page is a little more accurate in terms of Hair Metal ( you know, in case you decide to do a fifty page dissertation on Hair Metal).

Mötley Crüe is on this list, I disagree vehemently that they were ever a hair band.  If they were a hair band, then they must have started the era when they first came on the scene in 1981.  Did they become a hair band?  Is that even possible? They started as a glam band in 1981.

Are glam metal and hair metal the same thing?

Can a band morph into a hair band and then back out?

Who else is on this list that clearly is and never will be hair metal not even if you threatened their lives.

Slayer. Metallica. Megadeth.  Iron Maiden.  Queensrÿche.  Alice Cooper.

When the hell was Slayer EVER Hair Metal?

And for the record, Guns ‘N’ Roses was NEVER hair metal.

Def Leppard started out as a plain old rock band from England and turned into Hair Metal?  Or did they juts put out a few wishy wahsy songs?

As you can see, I am extremely frustrated by this and have many questions pertaining to the subject.  I grew up smack in the middle of the Hair Band Era and according to my calculations, besides having a big heaping head of hair, there was a certain type of music that went along with the “image.” A lot of the songs were about partying, girls, girls that partied and girls that ripped a guys heart out and set it on fire.

Check this list out above of the “Top 100 Hair Bands.”  Do you agree with it?  Who are some of your favorite hair metal bands?


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