I Need A Hero!

HEROINE.  No, not that kind that fucks up people’s lives… the kind that makes us feel better, comes to our aid, helps us out.  I have been going through some stuff with my daughter, who is 16. She is so precious to me.  At one time she wasn’t.  She was expendable like everyone else in my life.  Everyone was there to serve me.  If you were unnecessary, you were expendable.

When Bonnie Tyler (singer of “Total Eclipse of the Heart – written by Jim Steinman) released “Holding Out For A Hero”, I liked it.  This tune was also written by Steinman.  Footloose helped the song become popular.

Okay, I had to throw all that in there, because every time I hear the line “I need a hero” that song pops in my head.

Focus, Darlene.

In the 80’s, my heroes (heroines.. whatever) were people like Laurie Strode (the protagonist in  Halloween, played by Jamie Lee Curtis).  She was fearless when protecting the little boy she was babysitting against that monster, Michael Myers.

Madonna! I fell in move with Madonna because she broke new ground for adding sexiness to music (along with some sluttiness  – my mother loved that part… not.)  She was sassy, controversial and took chances.

My daughter is nothing like Madonna, but at 16, I am noticing something about her.  She sticks up for the underdog.  She stands up for the kid that gets picked on.  She sides with the bullied girl.

I put my daughter through hell from the age of 9.  I got sober in 2006, when she was 11.  But those years of me finding myself, staying sober and focusing on my program, were still no walk in the park for her.

She stood strong.  She kept her head high.  She never gave up on me, even though for years I had given up on her.

My other two daughters, who are older than my 16-year-old, deserve a mention here as well.  They have been through their share of hell courtesy of me… something I am not proud of.   They didn’t have the chance for a mother to be there for them in their formative teenage years.  My middle daughter pretty much got her smarts on the street.  My oldest daughter trusts no one.

One thing I notice in all of them:  they stand up for what is right, and most importantly, stand up for themselves.

My daughters are my heroes.

Who are your heroes?


5 responses to “I Need A Hero!

  1. You are, for posting an entry like this. Seriously. People who go out on a limb and share both what’s hard and beautiful in the world rock mine! 🙂

    Also my godmother, who was a source of stability growing up, and who I’m loving getting to know as an adult myself.

    • Thank you very much, Deborah… 🙂 I am flattered. I am glad you are getting to know your godmother… family is so important 😀

      I am so glad you stopped by and even happier that you commented.

      Enjoy the rest of your day.


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