Epic Vocalists of the Epic 80’s

As I sit here and recall the hundreds of vocalists of the 80’s, I am becoming dizzy. Thank the fuzzies I have a cup of decaf next to me to help me chillax.  Yes, I just said chillax.

Of course I won’t go through all of them.  That would be tedious and time-consuming.  Not to mention… booooring!

When I think of epic voices that reach out of the radio (or ipod these days) songs like “I Remember You” and “Fight the Good Fight” jump out at me.  Skid Row happened onto the 80’s scene at the tail end and were never really considered “hair metal”.  Still, Sebastian Bach has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.

Triumph, born out of Canada (a trio – like Rush!  but not really) boasted the high-pitched vocals of Rik Emmett.  One of my favorite songs by this triumphant trio is “Fight the Good Fight.” A very inspirational song that I played repeatedly in 1987 on my tape deck.  It totally changed my mind about taking my life.

Let’s not forget Geoff Tate of the amazing band Queensrÿche.  Queensrÿche was born in Seattle, WA long before Grunge Music was even a thought.  Their compilation album Operation Mindcrime is a classic that can only be appreciated when listened to from beginning to end.   But Geoff’s most amazing ear massaging comes from the song “The Lady Wore Black” off of their EP, originally released in 1982.

Honarable mentions go to:

  • Don Dokken of Dokken. Dokken wrote some of the best ballads of the 80’s and will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders!  Love that chic’s voice.

They are my top vocalists of the 80’s.  Who would you nominate?


7 responses to “Epic Vocalists of the Epic 80’s

  1. I totally agree about Sebastian. I also vote for Dickinson, Halford and the dude from Steelheart (I can never remember his name or how to pronounce it). There are a lot of great vocalists from that era so it’s hard to name so few.

  2. Dickinson and Halford… yes! Two amazing vocalists that I adore. Dickinson is awesome live.. Halford I have never had the pleasure.

    Miljenko Matijevic is the vocalist for Steelheart.

    Yes, I Wikied that.

    Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

  3. I gotta say Skid Row’s sound really transcends the years. I listen to their music often. Unlike a lot of the “Big” 80s music, it doesn’t sound cheesy.

    This is probably not the music you’re thinking about, but I really loved Jeff Keith (of Tesla). Their version of “Signs” is one of my favorite songs…and the story of my life. 😉

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