Mötley Crüe/Poison/Dolls

I have loved Mötley Crüe since I first discovered them in 1986 when I bought the “Shout at the Devil” cassette tape solely based on the album cover and name.  I had no idea who they were and no idea that they would change my world of music forever.

Poison was awesome when they stepped into the limelight in 1986 with their debut album Look What the Cat Dragged In.  The radio hit off of the album was “Talk Dirty to Me.”

Don't Need Nothing.. But A Good Time!

I went to see these two bands perform live at the Susquehanna Bank center in Camden on July 16, 2011.  Now, I saw Mötley Crüe before, but never Poison.

Neither band disappointed.

Before I go any further, I think it is fair to mention that the New York Dolls were the opening band, but my friends wanted to tailgate in the parking lot, so we missed them.  I heard they were great though.  My pal Katie was upset that she missed The Dolls… we were hanging in the parking lot and taking pictures.  Katie took two pictures of me in front of Nikki Sixx’s Sixx Sense tour bus.

Brett Michaels sounded awesome as he hopped around on stage belting out lyrics to “Fallen Angel” and “Ride the Wind”.  The band also did “Something to Believe In” and the very popular “Unskinny Bop.”  My friend Katie hates that song!  But she managed through it.  They did “Nothing but a Good Time” which I still seem to know every word to, surprisingly!

Ooh, and they did “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” – a total classic 80’s ballad!  Lighters unite!  Well, these days it is cell phones… but I saw a few people getting old school with lighters, and yes, I was one of the old schoolers!

Poison wrapped it up.  I was definitely impressed with their performance.  Could Mötley Crüe really top them?

They could… and they would.

They opened with Kings of Los Angeles, which we missed.  Grr.  Katie, was upset.  Again.  Poor gal.

They played a bunch of other spectacular songs like “Shout at the Devil” and then…

Tommy Lee did an amazing drum feat.  There was a giant ring at the back of the stage that Lee’s drum kit seemed to be centered in.  Well, all of a sudden there is a light show of sorts on the back drop behind the drum kit and them Lee’s drum kit starts swinging from side to side.  Wicked!  As if that wasn’t spectacular in itself, the damn thing starts spinning and then stops upside down!!

Then they called this guy upon the stage to go on the drum kit with Tommy.  I thought that Tommy just picked a random dude named Tony, turns out the guy won the contest on WMMR.


There were fireworks and I have to say the weather was so perfect.  It was definitely worth the traffic and the $20.00 parking!

Let The Light Shine!

In the end, Mötley Crüe rocked so hard they blew the sound system.  My guess is that they didn’t do an encore for that reason.

Oh!  One of the best parts!  Katie took a picture of me in front of the Sixx Sense tour bus (Nikki’s Sixx’s bus) and I must say, I looked pretty alright.   We got inside and saw an email address to send fan photos too, and Katie did just that.

Oh yeah.. me and the Sixx Machine!

While the band played “Home Sweet Home”  they flashed the photos up on the screen in the back I was one of the fans!

A truly epic evening.


8 responses to “Mötley Crüe/Poison/Dolls

  1. Sounds like an awesome evening! I’ve seen Poison and they can shake the house down. Thought they were fantastic! I’ve never seen Motley Crue. Both of these bands (among others) have a special place in my heart. Who can top our 80’s glam bands? These kids today got nothin’ on our music! We had the best!

  2. I’m going to see Motley Crue in December on their UK tour with Def Leppard and Steel Panther and your post makes me wish that December was here now.

    Thanks so much!

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