Hulk Hogan has won the dubious award a record ...

Hulk Hogan

Does anyone remember the days of most epic time in professional wrestling?  I’m talking about Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant, Rick Flair.   There are many others.  However, my brain is already starting to hurt.

Rick Flair used to slap his opponents bare chest and yell, “Wooooo!” Ha… loved it.

I grew up on these characters, and loved every moment.  The thing that strikes me as I type this blog is that my parents let me watch it!  Yes.  My mother and father let me watch men being body slammed, choke held and slapped in the chest.  It was no big thing.  I had already been taught that what I saw on television was not real.  Certainly professional wrestling wasn’t real.  I mean, how does someone get hit in the head with an aluminum chair and manage to stand up thirty seconds later?

Whatever the case, wrestling in the 80’s was fun.  It was my Sunday morning treat before I ran outside to play on the last day of the weekend.

If I asked you to name a wrestler from the 80’s, most of you would probably name Hulk Hogan.

What was so great about Hulk Hogan?  First of all, even though all wrestlers beat  the crap out of each other, there were the “do-gooders” and the “bad guys”.  Hulk Hogan was the star of the show and probably one of the biggest names in wrestling in the 80’s.  He was a “do gooder”.  He never played dirty and seemed to be the “wrestler with a conscience.”

His fans, Hulkamaniacs, were told to say their prayers and take their vitamins.  Basically, be good little boys and girls! And yes,  I listened to the Hulkster and did just that.

Hogan would remain a good guy until 1996, when he would turn heel.  A heel is basically a non-do-gooder of wrestling. Boo!

There are many other wrestlers of the 80’s, but if I got into them all, I’d be sitting here for a week and you’d be looking for the escape hatch.

Did you watch wrestling in the 80’s?  Who were some of your favorite characters?


4 responses to “Hulkamania!

  1. Dude! I did watch WWF in the 80s. Do you remember when they had the women’s wrestling? Cyndi Lauper was always on TV with (I think) Wendi Richter. And remember Lou Albano from the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” videos would be on there? LOL Great times.

    • I do remember the women’s wrestling! GLOW. Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. And I totally loved that video with Lou Albano.
      I loved it all… I am going to have to do a post on GLOW. Thank you so much for mentioning that! 🙂

      Talk to you soon, Catie…


    • hahaha… Yeah.. Macho was the man!! Even his Slim Jim commercials were epic!
      I for some reason loved Rick Flair. I loved the “woooo!”. That and his audacity… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Rich!

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