Come On Down!

Ahh… the game shows!  How much fun were they?  I remember sitting with my grandmother and watching many game shows.

If I asked you to name ten game shows from the 80’s, could you?

I sat down on a slow day at work last week and listed the first ten that popped in my head.

Drum roll please…..

Hollywood Squares – Nine famous (some more than others) people in a big box answering trivia questions and cracking jokes.  Kind of like Tic Tac Toe with people.

Tic Tac Dough – Nine squares with different categories.  Get three in a line and you win!  Kind of reminds me of Jeopardy.

Press Your Luck – Big Bucks!  Big Bucks!  No Whammy!

The Price Is Right started in 1972 and continues today with Drew Carrey.

Wheel Of Fortune in the 80’s the winnings were used to buy prizes (lame!).

TPIR and WOF are the longest running game shows in U.S. television history.

The Newlywed Game  ran until 1980.  Was re-done with Paul Rodriguez in 1988.

Family Feud started in 1975 ended in 1985.

Love Connection  The first reality dating show?

Let’s Make A Deal (The All New) – Hosted by Monte Hall, audience members dressed in crazy costumes to increase their chance of selection to the stage.

Win, Lose or Draw was kind of like Pictionary and almost as lame.  Viki Lawrence hosted this show and that was the only good thing about it.

When I watch re-runs of these shows I snap back to simple days of cherry Kool-Aid and not being bombarded by cellphone calls or text messages.

C’mon!  Which ones did I miss? Were there any you loved? Hated?


2 responses to “Come On Down!

  1. What about Joker’s Wild, Sale of the Century, and Name that Tune? I watched those with my grandma 30 years ago (along with all the others you listed.) On a side note, I had no idea you used to have to use your winnings on WOF to buy the fabulous prizes. Of course, I never paid much attention to that one way back. I still don’t lol.

  2. Omg, I loved Name That Tune! And yes, on WOF the contestants had to use the money they won to buy prizes from various themes. Whatever they didn’t use was given to them in the form of a gift certificate. Lame!

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